Panic Bar Exit & Entry Locks

Panic Bar Exit & Entry Locks

Panic Bar Exit & Entry Locks

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Panic Bar Exit & Entry Locks

T&T Lock & Key offer a very large selection of panic bars and exit devices to fit your every need. 803-740-0998

We offer an extensive determination of frenzy bars and leave gadgets to fit your each need.

Whether you require a way out bar for your retail facade entryway, a secondary passage, a crisis exit, or whatever other entryway, we have what you require.

Give us a chance to alter our frenzy bar to fit your needs:

Customizable Panic/Exit Bars

Alarm Bars with Emergency Alarms

Retail facade Exit Bars

Energized Panic Bars


Accessible in many completions

Try not to settle for the lower quality equipment you find somewhere else. Get in touch with us to locate the right superb equipment for your business.

The vast majority of our way out gadgets and frenzy bars are in stock or down at our distribution center.

A frenzy bar exit gadget is a standout amongst the most normally asked for and utilized bit of equipment. You see them on for all intents and purposes each building exit because of their usability and commonplace going of flame code. For departure purposes numerous flame offices require a way out bar on every single outside way out.

We offer way out gadgets which work standalone or correlative to your current equipment. We even offer energized alarm bars which work with our business keyless section.