Master Key Systems

Master Key Systems

Master Key Systems

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Master Key Systems

T&T Lock & Key offer Master Key Systems for all kind of business small or big . one Master Key Systems for all your door 803-740-0998

Does your keyring appear as though this?

Let T&T Lock and Key help you tackle your issue and make it look more like this:

T&T Lock and Key can help you setup what is known as an "Expert Key System." Here is an extremely basic illustration:

You have a six unit complex.

Every unit has a key that works their unit and their unit as it were.

At that point their is the upkeep room that has it's own particular key, yet this key works for this entryway.

At that point we can key the pantry to another key that all inhabitants need to get into the pantry.

Front entryway needs a key too… And then there is the secondary passage.

So what number of keys do you as the proprietor or director need? Ten? Probably not! We can set everything up for you so that there is one "expert" key that works all locks.

Furthermore, this is only for a SIX unit complex. The quantity of keys that individuals bear increments exponentially as you include increasingly units and more entryways. You don't need to manage the bother of chasing down the right key any longer!

We set up frameworks like this consistently for every single distinctive circumstance. We will modify the keying, so that lone the right individuals have entry to every spot.

On the off chance that somebody ever loses a key or moves out, we can without much of a stretch rekey the lock so it is still on the framework, yet the old keys no more work. This is the perfect answer for the "excessively numerous keys than I comprehend what to do with" issue!

Likewise get some information about our secured keyways. This implies no undesirable copy keys made without your insight. On the off chance that they aren't on the rundown, then they are not getting any copy keys from us. We are the main ones with the key clear, so on the off chance that they go to another person they get sent right back to us and the cycle starts once more!